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Top 5 Films of all time

To say how difficult it is to compile a shortlist of my favourite all time films is an understatement. How does one define their favourite films? do we go by nostalgia, the ones that make us reminisce, taking us back to the  memory of when first viewed. Or do we judge by those that we are able to re watch again and again always discovering something new?

When trying to narrow down my top 5 there is  mix of both. Three films jumped out straight away  and two I narrowed down. I was resolute in the decision to go with my initial gut feeling, while I’m sure this list will may change slightly over time it’s a snapshot of  5 films that I have adored for many years and hopefully you will to!


1. The Silence of the Lambs

Released in 1991 this was a no brainer addition to my list. Honestly I must have watched this film more than 20 times and it just doesn’t get old. This masterpiece is the entire package, the moment Hannibal and Clarice conversed with each other I was hooked, having them each staring into the camera and looking at us as if we were the other is hypnotic.

Based on the Thomas Harris novel released in 1988 it is a Horror/Thriller. We follow FBI trainee (Jodie Foster) as she is requested by the head of the Behavioural Science unit Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn) to interview the incarcerated in an asylum former psychiatrist and murderous cannibal Hannibal Lector (the charmingly chilly Anthony Hopkins) and request his aid and knowledge in catching another serial killer ‘Buffalo Bill’

Worthy of it’s 5 Oscar’s including best film, actor and actress it exudes an addictive atmosphere that makes it impossible to look away. The direction by Jonathan Demme and in my mind in the performances of their careers Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins deem this a film that will forever be in my rotation.

2. The Godfather

3. The Departed

4. Jaws

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